Upcoming Course Highlight: Orphan Care

There is perhaps no greater means for fulfilling God’s command to love our neighbor than through orphan care. By bringing vulnerable children into our homes through fostering and adoption, we are actively pursuing the Great Commission and making disciples of all nations. In this course, led by Todd Chipman, we’ll explore both the Biblical foundation for foster care and adoption, as well as discuss practical ways for the local church to create foster care and adoption ministries within their congregations. Todd will also share how these ministries have the power to not only bless the children involved, but to bring rich blessings to everyone the ministry touches, including adoptive parents and those who rally around them in support.

This course is based on Todd’s own experiences, both as an orphan himself and as an adoptive dad to two daughters. The conversations within the following six sessions are in part based on Todd’s book, Until Every Child is Home: Why the Church Can and Must Care for Orphans.

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