Now Live: “The Mere Christian’s Life: The Resilience of C.S. Lewis in Today’s World”

We are very excited to introduce our new course, “The Mere Christian Life: The Resilience of C.S. Lewis in Today’s World“, by Dr. Dwain Tissell. It is now live, and to launch the New Year with a special thanks for you, our CLD community, we’re offering it at an initial 33% off through the end of January 2021! We do not often offer discounts on new courses, but we are so excited about this one and believe it presents a message of importance for the year ahead. To register with the discount, use the button below along with coupon code, “TMCL33“.

Course Description: Why do the writings and statements of C.S. Lewis still have such broad resilience today? Regardless of whether they’ve read his works, many Christians alive today would recognize the name. As a pastor and adjunct seminary professor, Dr. Dwain Tissell has come to love the resilient gospel message of Lewis’s work. Even in a progressively post-Christian environment, Tissell argues that Lewis stands as an example of hope that it is possible to be a winsome follower of Jesus.

The goal for the six sessions that make up this course is to provide an overview of C.S. Lewis’s context and Christian writing so as to discover what it means to be a resilient mere Christian in our increasingly post-Christian world. We’ll discover five marks of a mere Christian, modeled by the life and teaching of C.S. Lewis, that are still relevant for our day, because they too are biblical. We believe that through this study, we will come to a much deeper understanding of what it means to be resilient Christians, both as individuals and as the collective body of Christ.

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