Now Live: “The Bible: Connecting the Pieces”

A Renewal of Dr. Bert Downs’ popular Bible Survey: A Big Screen Perspective

We are excited to be launching a new version of Dr. Bert Down’s Bible survey course! The renewal of Bert’s well-traveled Bible survey includes the loved learning from the original course combined with new insights for each lesson and a new name reflecting what the course has done so well for over six years… The Bible: Connecting the Pieces.

Here’s a description of the course: For some of us our knowledge of the Bible is like a refrigerator door covered with post-it notes, each containing an important message but there is no coherence between them. For some it’s like reading a Dictionary; a lot of important pieces of information but no thread to the story. This course will help you make sense of all those pieces. Dr. Bert Downs will give you a file cabinet containing major folders into which you can insert your individual file folders. If you want to be able to summarize the Bible on a table napkin, this will give you a way to do that.

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