Now Live: “Screening Pastoral Candidates”

Selecting the right person to fill that open leadership position in a church, parachurch or mission ministry is a process of the highest importance. A path not embarked upon by either the ministry or the potential candidates without great care, intentionality, humility and strategic preparation.

In our brand new course, “Screening Pastoral Candidates“, guided by Dr. John Bradley and Dr. Bert Downs, both with decades of assessment and leadership coaching experience, those facing a ministry leadership search will engage important tactics, processes, tools and attitudes that lead to the greatest frequency of successful pastoral and leadership selections. If you would like additional resources, our seasoned course, “Successful Pastoral Selection“, is also available, and it compliments this one well!

Course Description: Deciding who will be the next person to lead your church is an incredibly important decision, the outcome of which will have a profound influence, not just on the church, but also on the congregation and surrounding community. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly but rather embarked upon with great care, intentionality, and humility. This course is designed to help you do just that!

Dr. Bert Downs and Dr. John Bradley will guide you through each step of the selection process, from picking through resumes to choosing key candidates, meeting those candidates face-to-face, and then ultimately, making the final decision. Most importantly, Bert and John will help you identify your church’s core priorities, so you can successfully match those priorities with a candidate’s natural skills and attributes. Knowing the type of leader and servant you are looking for to lead your church is crucial to finding the perfect fit. And once you find the right match in a candidate, Bert and John will help you communicate that decision to the church congregation! When done with prayer and intentionality, we believe the results of your efforts will positively touch generations to come.

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