New Course: Theology of Character

In June, 2021, we had the opportunity to have Dr. Reid Kisling in the studio to share his expertise on Biblical leadership, and record a series of five courses with us on the topic! The first of these, Theology of Character, is now live!

Is your character good or bad? How do you know? Regardless of your history with the term, it is true that God cares about your character. Character is incredibly important to who we are and how we interact with others. However, the word is used in so many different ways, particularly in popular contexts and presentations.

This class addresses the concept of character through the lens of the Bible and covers what it is and how it affects us. We cover aspects of God’s character as the model for what our character should be and how God uses our circumstances to shape our character to be more like His. Finally, we cover the goal of character change, particularly as the people of God, and how we are designed to foster character growth and transformation in gospel-centered relationships.

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