New Course: Racial Justice and the Gospel

We had planned to record Racial Justice and the Gospel last Summer with CJ Quartlbaum, however due to Covid-19 we postponed it until just recently. CJ visited our studio in June and we were able to put the course together!

Course Description: It’s no secret that these days, racial justice issues have rocked the United States and the Christian Church. Controversies surrounding police brutality against African Americans, segregated churches, and the opportunity gap between white Americans and African Americans are just a few of the issues that have risen to the surface over the past few years. And all you have to do is look online in the comment section of your favorite social platform to see that emotions are running high wherever these issues are being discussed.

So, where do we begin? In this course, CJ Quartlbaum unpacks the nuances of this discussion, first by defining what justice is and where our idea of race comes from. Then, he’ll survey the history of race relations in America, the world, and even within the Christian Church. Finally, he’ll lead the discussion around what it means to seek racial reconciliation and create a truly multi-cultural church. CJ is a graduate of Western Seminary, and has spoken nationally on the topic of racial justice. He’s written for the Gospel Coalition, The Witness, and Christ and Pop Culture.

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