New Course: Habakkuk

This past Spring, we welcomed Dr. Taylor Turkington into the studio to spend some time exploring Habakkuk! We’re excited to release this course. Dr. Turkington did a great job walking us through the book in 6 sessions.

Course Description: The book of Habakkuk can be one of the easily neglected books at the end of the Old Testament. Yet, the message of Habakkuk is still what we need, just as we need each of the other books of the Bible. Habakkuk brings us face to face with injustice, doubt, woe, and attempted hope. In his short book, the prophet leads us to understand lament, judgment, and faith.

We have an example of the faithful prophet Habakkuk who is gutted by the violence and disobedience he sees around him. Though he may not understand the reasoning for the method of the coming judgment on Judah, God provides him with a vision of what survival looks like: the life of faith. This command of the life of faith is the same one in which we hope as believers today. It is by faith we are made righteous. It is by faith that we survive and are given new life. The book of this prophet goes on to provide comfort in the judgment of the wicked and a song about God’s powerful saving and the faithful’s radical faith. It is a book that meets us where we are.

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