Group Training

Group Training

CLD courses make the perfect complement to the training plans of churches, parachurch, organizations, mission agencies and various small group gatherings that desire to learn together. And studying with a group has great advantages, both in the effectiveness of learning and in enrollment costs. We would love the opportunity to partner with you to provide a meaningful learning opportunity for your group. One of our group relations managers will be there to walk you through the process. Here’s what is involved:

Getting Started

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    Reach Out

    At the bottom of this page is a link to a form to let us know how we can help. Once you submit this form, you’ll hear from one of our group relations managers to help you walk through setting up a collection of courses that fits the needs of your group.

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    Choose Your Courses

    Consider your audience. What are their needs, and what are your intended outcomes from the course/certificate? Whether you are looking for an individual course for your group, or if you would like to organize a selection of courses, our entire course library is open to you.

    We have many pre-defined certificates, with courses carefully chosen in a variety of topics. If none of these meets the need of your group, we will work with you to create a custom certificate to fit your unique situation. Some groups also choose to add in additional reading or assignments. If you choose to do this, make sure to plan it before the course/certificate begins.

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    Choose Your Moderator

    To get the most out of your course(s), your group will benefit from a moderator who is active and engaged. This individual will be there to answer questions for the group, cheer them on, remind them to stay on track, and facilitate discussion. With each course, we provide materials in the Participant’s Guide to assist moderators and help them facilitate a meaningful learning experience from you group.

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    Logistical Details

    • Set a sign up period – this creates urgency to help you get your people to register.
    • Set dates to keep your group together and on track. Your moderator will use these dates as they facilitate the course. This will include start and end dates for the course/certificate.
    • Decide on a meeting schedule for your group – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. (include how many sessions your learners will complete between each meeting)
    • Do you want to create brochures/flyers/page on your church website? Western can help by providing assets to be used in promotional material, but can not create the promotional pieces for you.

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    Choose Your Payment Method

    We have two payment options available to you. You may select whichever option best fits your group’s needs.

    Option 1 – Individual Payment: We can set up your group so that each individual pays us directly as they register for the course/certificate. The process is simple and straightforward, providing access to your learners with minimal administrative effort for you.

    Option 2 – Group Payment: Occasionally, we have groups that are covering the cost for their individual learners, or sometimes it is beneficial for learners to pay you, and for you to submit a single payment on behalf of your group. If this is a better fit for your group’s needs, we would be happy to work with you. Once we provide you with access to your cohort, enrollment will be open for 15 days, allowing time for your learners to join. After the enrollment period, we will close enrollment into your cohort and invoice you for your learners. Unless other arrangements are made, payment is due in full 45 days after we send you the invoice. Note: After enrollment closes, if you have additional learners who would like to join, we can work with you to temporarily open enrollment, and invoice you for the balance.

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    Invite Your Learners

    Once we have all of the information described in steps 1-5, we will set up your cohort, invite your moderator, and provide them with a link to invite your learners into the classroom. At this point, your group is ready to start!

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