Group Training

Group Training

Studying with a group has a great advantage, both in the effectiveness of learning and in the enrollment costs. CLD courses make the perfect complement to the training plans of churches, parachurch organizations, mission agencies and various small group gatherings who desire to learn together.

Getting Started

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    Choose Your Courses

    The organizing group selects the courses and certificates they will complete. The selected course will become available to all who register with that group. If selecting a certificate, be aware that in addition to the predetermined certificate tracks, a group is able to work with CLD to create its own custom certificate track to meet it’s specific learning goals. Custom certificates must contain at least 14 course hours of study and no more than 20. Contact Dr. Bert Downs at email hidden; JavaScript is required to discuss and develop a custom certificate specifically for your group.

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    Choose Your Facilitator

    The organizing group must identify a mentor/facilitator who is responsible for all communication with CLD, monitoring student progress and affirming final completions before any certificates are issued. The facilitator provides the names and email addresses of all partipants in the group. Western Seminary registers those names as users in the group and provides login information to each participant.

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    Submit Group Study Application

    Complete and submit the Group Study Application. Group contact information, facilitator name and contact info, courses/certificate selected and an estimate of group size must be provided with the application. Specific student names and contact info will be provided to CLD by the facilitator at least 2 weeks before study is to begin. Additions and deletions of students may take place up to the date of final enrollment payment.

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    Make Your Payment

    Because the group cannot know ahead of time how many participants will actually register and may allow registration to continue for several weeks following the beginning of the course, we ask that the sponsoring group estimate enrollment and pay 50% of the total discounted price prior to registering participants with Western Seminary. The balance of 50% of the total is due no more than 60 days after group study begins, based on how many participants have registered at that point. If additional participants register after the balance has been paid, the church agrees to pay per user at the agreed upon discounted price. Substitutions can be made for drop outs at no cost to the group.

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    Start Learning Together!

    Gather your group and start learning together! The group must complete a single course study within 6 months of the start date, a CLD certificate within 1 year of the start date, and a custom certificate per contract agreement between CLD and the study group. Custom certificates must contain at least 14 course hours, but no more than 20. Upon completion of the course or certificate, the facilitator will provide CLD with a list of each person who has completed the requirements, Western will verify and then issue the certificates. Certificates will include student name, the name of the completed track, Western Seminary’s logo, and the organization’s logo (optional).

Available Group Pricing

Single Course Enrollment Per Student

1 to 10 Students
per course hour
11 to 25 Students
per course hour
15% off
26-40 Students
per course hour
30% off
41+ Students
per course hour
40% off

Certificate Enrollment Per Student

1 to 10 Students
11 to 25 Students
15% off
26 to 40 Students
25% off
41+ Students
35% off

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