Bible Survey: A Big Screen Perspective


Bible Survey: A Big Screen Perspective

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For some of us our knowledge of the Bible is like a refrigerator door covered with post-it notes, each containing an important message but there is no coherence between them.  For some it’s like reading a Dictionary; a lot of important pieces of information but no thread to the story.  This course will help you make sense of all those pieces.  Dr. Downs will give you a file cabinet containing major folders into which you can insert your individual file folders.  I’m not sure what the exact age is, there probably isn’t one, but somewhere in the formative years of our spiritual development this should be a required course of learning.  If you want to be able to summarize the Bible on a table napkin, this will give you a way to do that.


Bert Downs

Bert is the former president of Western Seminary (98 - 08), the retired executive director of a regional network of local churches and an experienced interim pastor.

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