ASPIRE – September 2019

Aspire: “Make It Maturity”

What draws people to CLD courses and certificates? The draw is more than desire. It’s aspiration, a commitment to attain something deemed important. Frequently that attainment focuses on developing knowledge and understanding for the purpose of establishing a discipline, creating a life practice or gaining a position/ministry. Those are honorable aims. And feedback tells us that our students mostly arrive at their aims and are satisfied with the outcomes.

Nevertheless, we’d like to propose a vision for one’s development beginning in a slightly different and all-important place.

Let’s make the motivation MATURITY,

Maturity is the spiritual river that leads to the full realization of the kinds of outcomes our CLD students dream about: leadership, influence, sound relationships, life impact, holistic health, effective ministry and Christ-likeness to name a few. It’s a theme that permeates many of the New Testament letters with a purpose point at us . . . to let it . . . maturity . . . permeate our lives so that we attain to what Ephesians 4 underscores:

” . . . until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of God’s Son, growing into maturity with a stature measured by Christ’s fullness.”

Now that’s a journey worth taking!

Bert Downs, Director of Center for Leadership Development

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