CLD Blogspot 3: Aspire

Ready for a new course?

This month we are finishing up a 5-hour journey through John’s Gospel taught by Dr. David Nystrom, one of Western’s most effective and popular professors.

In exploring the course and related materials, this part of the intro to session one grabbed my attention:

Welcome to the Gospel of John. You’re about to enter a world viewed paradoxical by some and completely harmonious by others. It’s a world of simplicity and complexity stirred together, and perhaps best depicted in the saying, “Shallow enough for a child to wade, and deep enough to allow an elephant to swim.”

Amazingly, it’s perfectly fits the aim of every CLD course . . . content that, in its simplicity, is rewarding to wade in . . . but deep enough to never be considered simple. It’s really the best of seminary in small, non-credit bites.

I think that’s why our aspiring audiences love the courses. Who are in those audiences? Teachers, missionaries-in-training, church staff, elders and deacons, chaplains serving in various settings, business leaders, parachurch groups and many others. They are those who love to learn, often have specific reasons to learn, but for whom the classroom is, for a variety of reasons, out of reach.

They find us within both their grasp and their goal set. Great content, simple format, relevant topics, certificate options, group usage, unbeatable price. Qualities that help aspiring believers hit their growth targets. Oh, interested in that new course, John’s Gospel: Images and Insights? Launches December 1st . . . we’ll be looking for you.

Bert Downs

Director: Leadership Development

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