ASPIRE – May 2019

Have you noticed?  Noticed that our tag line is “another Gospel-centered ministry of Western seminary”?

As I read that line for what felt like the millionth time yesterday, it seemed to take on new relevance for me.  Maybe it had something to do with this year’s Easter commemoration?  Maybe it was the Gospel discussion with my dentist and his spouse a few days ago? 

Whatever the source, the outcome was a heightened sense of just how important the centrality of the Gospel is for those of us who call Jesus “Lord,” as well as for those who don’t.  After all, the Gospel is at the heart of God’s story, wherever we engage it in history, from creation to now.  And think about it . . . we’re all in that story somehow.

One of our CLD instructors, Dr. Marc Cortez (CLD course, “What Is The Gospel”) defines the Gospel this way

“The Gospel is the good news that, through Jesus Christ, God has accomplished all that is ultimately necessary to bring about his glorious plan to manifest his glory in and among his people throughout his good creation, and that through faith in the grace of God, you and I can participate in that glorious plan as we are brought to the Father in the Son through the power of the Spirit.”

That definition, combined with the following quote, challenged me to make the Gospel the intense focus of prayer, study and action during the month of May:

“It is important that we communicate the Gospel, not only to others, but to ourselves . . . regularly.”

“Okay, Cortez, you hooked me.”  And as a first step in my Spring focus, I enrolled in his course . . . today.

Every journey starts with the first step . . . right?  What better step while Easter is fresh on our minds than to go to the heart of it all expressed in the Gospel?  I’m expecting it will change my entire year and my story.

Hey, here’s a thought.  Why don’t you join me?  Prof Cortez and the story of the Gospel await us both.

Bert Downs
Director, Leadership Development

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