ASPIRE, February 2019

Crossing Boundaries of Language and Culture

Last month I attended Mission ConneXion, the premier mission-centered conference in the Northwest. It had been a few years since I last attended, but once again, I was touched by the substantial and enthusiastic interest in the mission of the church.

I was also impressed by the breadth and depth of mission expressions represented at the conference . . . truly inspiring

And none more so than the work of our intercultural training partner, CultureBound (formerly World View/IICC). CB was represented in 6 workshops, each touching on important areas of intercultural preparation for Jesus’ salt and light community. Powerful topics with power impact for today’s world.

*Many of those strategic topics, taught by CultureBound’s Executive Director, are available through CLD’s  Intercultural Ministry courses and certificate. Check those out while you’re here!

These focused courses and their combined certificate are the perfect complement whether you’re preparing for a short term mission, a career in a country other than your home or simply for the cultural changes going on in your own community and neighborhood. Whatever the case, you’ll receive the basics on how to learn a language and culture, engage in an intercultural community and see your neighbors in a different and positive way. This is mandatory education for believers aspiring to effectively cross boundaries of language and culture no matter where they may be.

Bert Downs, Leadership Development Director

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