ASPIRE- December 2018: Disciple- makers Making Disciples

Here at CLD, disciple-makers are close to our hearts. They come to us with dreams of all sizes and shapes, but with one thing in common . . . to have an active role in increasing the influence of Jesus in the lives they touch.

I encountered one of those DMs just last week. She had shared her discipleship dream with us about three months ago. It involved reaching women in hers and a few neighboring churches with an opportunity to understand the message of the Bible in greater depth. Her strategy included using one of our most traveled CLD Bible courses. Her hope was to have 12-20 ladies join the group. And so she began reaching out.

As of last week, there were over 50 ladies enrolled in the course.

She says what she found was a hunger for what the course offered. Showing clips of various course segments to those interested, quickly led to enrollments . . . and an eagerness to start the learning/growing process.

If you’re a disciple-maker, you know there are lots of good tools available to assist your calling. Many like you are finding CLD’s courses a go-to asset for their discipleship ministries and goals. If you haven’t yet, please check us out. I think you’ll like what you find . . . and so will those you reach and help grow.

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