Here’s a two-part question we’re frequently: asked: “How can you offer your courses at such a great price, and why do you since it seems prospective students would pay more?”

Let me answer the second part first since it relates to our founding philosophy.  In first considering a tool like CLD, Western’s President, Dr. Randy Roberts, insisted that its “courses” would feature high quality, practical content for a believer’s development in both individual and group/congregational contexts, and that the tools created be priced so that they would be broadly affordable and widely utilized.

To execute that philosophy effectively, we chose a no frills approach to production putting an emphasis on high quality content clearly presented by widely recognized instructors/experts. And to make it work effectively, we made an all-out commitment to growth . . .  to constantly become more effective at what we do and how we do it.

Here’s how a leader of one of those student groups see the outcomes of this approach for his students:

“We are so grateful for the CLD program, providing world class teaching on core bible truths from renowned professors, that has been increasing our understanding and love for God’s Word. Without the CLD program, our participants would not have access to such a great, thorough and sound bible teaching from such reliable and proven professors. CLD provides an organized and structure set of classes that almost anyone can facilitate in their own church to increase church goers knowledge and maturity in Christ.”   Northwest Gospel Church

If you aspire to similar outcomes for yourself, a group or perhaps an entire congregation, we’re here to help make that aspiration a reality when you’re ready.

Bert Downs,

Director, Leadership Development

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