A Biblical Response to Racial Injustice (Live Webinar)

In the midst of already difficult circumstances caused by the pandemic, the events of the past week have also brought to the forefront longstanding issues of racial violence and injustice.

As Christians, we affirm that all humans are created in the image of God and are therefore deserving of respect, dignity, and love. Violence, discrimination, and other acts of racial injustice are in direct opposition to these beliefs. 

Many of us, however, aren’t sure how best to translate our convictions into practical actions that constructively address the root and fruit of prejudice. The Center for Leadership Development is therefore partnering with CJ Quartlbaum to offer a free webinar focused on “A Biblical Response to Racial Injustice.” CJ is a Western Seminary graduate who has spent the past six years engaged in inner city ministry in Brooklyn, New York. He has spoken nationally on the topic of racial justice, as well as writing for the Gospel Coalition, The Witness, and Christ and Pop Culture.

I pray that this webinar may serve as a helpful resource for you, your friends, family and church as you seek an appropriate response to racial injustice. The webinar will be occur at 10:00 am, PST, on Saturday, June 13. While the webinar is complimentary, you will need to register in advance to attend; you can do by clicking the link below.

When: Saturday, June 13 at 10:30 AM PST
Cost: Free

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